Couples Therapy

I find it extremely rewarding to work with a couple to bring back harmony to their relationship. If you and your partner are going through a rough patch couples therapy can help you work on your relationship. I will help you to express your feelings, discuss issues with your partner and resolve conflicts. Couples therapy can help increase understanding, respect, affection and intimacy between you and your partner. It can help you to be happier together.

For the first session I meet with you both together and then I meet with each of you on your own for one session. These initial sessions are to focus on the issues that concern you and then we all come together to focus on the way forward.

I will encourage you to reflect on the qualities that first attracted you to each other and to focus on the positive aspects of the relationship. We can identify and correct negative behaviour patterns and I can help you to learn new skills such as anger management, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Sessions can sometimes be emotional, for instance when I encourage you to express your love for each other. And sessions are often light hearted and playful; particularly when we practice communication skills!

I like to believe that couples who work with me feel at ease in the sessions and are free to express their thoughts and feelings. I have had very good feedback from couples over the years and been thanked on numerous occasions for helping to improve difficult situations.

If you would like to know more about how I work with couples please do get in touch.

My mobile number is 07710 133 399 or e-mail

Testimonials from clients

Thank you for getting us back from the brink "

You have helped me to understand how I have been feeling and why I felt that way "

I would not have had the confidence to do what I had to do without your help "

You have helped to rebuild my self-confidence and made me look at life more positively "

Everything seems to be going from strength to strength for me now. I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me. I am a changed person now "